Why yes, I'd like to spend my night driving up and down a mountain.

Which is what we did for an hour a few weekends ago. Mike's good friend Jon, his wife Heather, Mike and I were supposed to go to a haunted house, but the line was so long we decided it wasn't worth it. So we drove up the canyon and up one of the mountaisn to find the campfire Jon's sister Jessie and her husband made up in the woods. But they pick some random spot way back in the woods so we were driving longer than we were actually at the fire.

But we had fun in the car.

Heather and Jon eat out most days of the week, so I'm going to teach Heather a few easy meals.

Ah! The fires of hell! Just kidding. I'm just so, so awesome at taking pictures. Clearly I am talented.
But seriously. This is kind of cool.


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acl said...

sometimes when I see your pictures I think I have seen them before - like that one of you and mike with your tongue out.

Cami said...

yeah, we have a few like that.