Jackson is really good at sharing candy

until he gets bored and starts wiping it on your face.


In case you were wondering how Mike likes his steak sauce

The first, unfilmed version of this was funnier, but my husband is not willing to entertain for the benefit of everyone who reads my blog. Sorry, you blog lurkers.


Hey Amy, Ashley, family, remember these?

I miss warmth. And the cherry blossoms in D.C.

Can't spring be here already?


The Holmans

Randy Holman was a mission companion of Mike's dad, and ever since then their families have been good friends. Since several of the Holman children are out here at BYU, Gladys and Randy cook them Sunday dinner every once in a while. Michelle came with her new boy, and of course Mike and I couldn't pass up a chance to hang out with the Holmans.

John and Mike are close. Real, real close.

Gladys made this delicious dessert. That is chocolate pudding under that whip cream, along with piece of cake and more fruit. So good.

I'm so artistic.

We've been meaning to have Anne over to see Hot Rod for the first time, so we invited all the Holmans back to our place to watch it and play games.

Ace and Lace came along with Ace's sister Asia and a friend of hers.

By the time we got to Sandy, all of the Holmans had been put to work helping make dinner.
John took a few home and family living courses so...he's pretty much an expert on banana slicing.

Valentine's Day

Mike had to work the first half of Valentine's Day, but he brought me home a box of chocolates and a rose. We watched a movie at our place and then went out for sushi later at a place on center street called Demae.

This face is probably Mike not being excited about eating sushi.

But I don't see how since it's delicious! I ate my two rolls plus some of his. He ate just one of mine. I think he enjoyed the salad the most.

I had been home all day, so after Demae we called up Ace and Lace and went to play games with them at their house. They own two games that we're now addicted to: Killer Bunnies and Bohnanza. So so fun - you should check them out.



I just thought I would put this up for everyone to enjoy and ridicule.



After watching this video, you will understand why I would dedicate a post to my nephew Jackson. If you don't understand...I pity you and your terrible sense of humor.

Ok, maybe I will cut you some slack. Knowing Jackson on a personal basis probably makes this a lot funnier. But you should know that this video is the epitome of Jackson. He can bounce around like that ALL DAY LONG. With no music on.

I love when Dad visits

because I get pictures like this

and this

and this

and this.

And because he takes us out for dinner. And because we love him. See you in five weeks Dad!

Spending some time in Asia

I forgot to mention, for those of you who don't know, that Mike and I are going on a study abroad together with the business school. We're going for a month right after winter semester ends.

We are super excited even though we are going to be so so broke by the time we pay everything for it. But it's ok. We think it's worth it.

We're going to be spending 3-4 days in each city meeting with executives of companies in Asia like Samsung and Walmart. One of the 3-4 days in every city we are allowed to go and do whatever we want, which we are also super excited about. It's going to be awesome.

The cities we are going to are:



Hong Kong


and Singapore.

We're also going to another city in Malaysia but I can never remember its name. I think we're also going to another city that the group as a whole will decide on once we start our second block class to prepare for our trip.

Jealous? You should be.

Maybe I will bring you back something. But probably not.

Disclaimer: The school hasn't gotten visas yet, so it is still possible that we won't be able to go. We're hoping everything works out.


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Yeah...not the greatest picture of me. But this is freshman year at BYU on the first day of orientation. This is the day I met Mandy. Basically the best day of my life. Not really. But I do love Mandy and I do love this school.

I tag: Mandy, Michelle, Hannah, Marisa, Rik, and Lyndsi