Go Cougs

So this weekend was the last home game for the Cougars before playoffs. Of course people from my ward got there like an hour early, so i had pretty sweet seats both days. Saturday night i took some pictures of the playing. The team is amazing. I love volleyball.


Dinner dance

Last night Rikki and I went to a dinner/dance put on by some boys in our ward. I went with my friend Jared and Rikki went with Dexter. I have many many more, but here are a few pictures from the night.

Kelsey came down while we were getting ready to go. She was dressed up for her recital.

Yeah, the boys in our ward are kind of strange.

After the dance, Rikki, Dexter, Jared and I walked down to SmartCookie for some dessert.


Bringing Sexy Back

And by bringing sexy back, i'm referring to the Justin Timberlake concert that i'm going to this summer in Madison Square Garden with my three best friends from Goshen: Alex, Kelly, and Kayla. And to give you all a good idea of what this sweet trip is going to be like, i've dug up some pictures to show you what happens when we all get together. WOOHOO JT!


Symphonies, Shaving Cream and Birthday Cake

It was our friend Russ' birthday yesterday so Mandy, Leslie and I went over to their apartment in Heritage last night to join other friends for his suprise birthday party. His roommates, Mike, Jason, and Kimball got him that sweater as his present.

Jason and Mike looking...cool.

Mike and I

At some point during the party Jason pulled out his laptop to play "Symphony le Russ" that he wrote for Russ' birthday. It wasn't very loud or long, and not much like a symphony, but it was funny because every time the music changed Jason would describe it softly as "Friends Meet" or "Questions and Answers."

Then someone later decided to bring out shaving cream, which turned into a not so pretty but definitely funny fight.

I don't have a picture of it but some girls bought Russ this enormous chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. Turns out Russ doesn't like chocolate cake or chocolate frosting. Haha.

The Gnome

Ashley. It was supposed to stop growing a week ago. IT'S STILL GROWING.

I'm freakin out.