The End of Summer

So we took our annual Firehouse Carwash Powell trip early September. It was nice to get one final weekend of fun out on the water before fall.

We laid out.

Went wakeboarding and tubing.

Colin made faces.

As did Matt...
I showed them my Sloth face, but I will never allow anyone to take a picture of it.

It got a little cold Sunday, but we still went exploring.

We climbed random roper hanging off the side of cliffs.

And fell off them.

For those of you who haven't been, Lake Powell is a man-made reservoir that has a million little run-off canyons.

They're pretty beautiful to explore.

Colin (General Manager of Mike's work) showed off his strength.

Boys did flips into the water.

We love Powell. Can't wait to go back!


acl said...

oh Powell - fun. That makes me nostalgic.