Family Dinner

We decided to start having "family" dinners together every Sunday night as an apartment. Here is the first one ever!

I made the drink and the chicken parmesan (thanks Mom). Leslie set the table.

Rikster made spinach leaf salad with peaches and asian dressing and garlic bread made out of written off bagels mandy brought back from the bookstore (they were still good, we're not THAT gross). Mandy prepared the green beans.

Our nice family picture at the dinner table.

Rikki: I guess I'm the Mom since i'm at the head of the table.
Mandy: What, so I'm the dad!?

Mandy: Leslie, I'm sorry we haven't told you this before but....you're adopted.

Also, here is a wall in our living room that Rikki and I decorated with my and Billy's posters.

Here is a picture of my side of the room for Megan. Yes dad, I do make my bed and clean my room every day, believe it or not.


India Fest!

Last Saturday was India Fest a couple towns down, so Rikki, Kevin Hein and I decided to go check it out.

Here is the beautiful building they have to worship Hinduism in.

For no apparent reason they have a llama farm.

I'm pretty sure the llamas liked me more than Rikki. I don't know how to explain that one.


This one looked like it wanted to be a giraffe but just ended up an ugly mix.

This was a weird animal that had a sort of hump like a camel on its back, which was squishy when you pressed it. It grossed me out.

There was a performance which kind of reminded me of the Hill Cumorah Pagaent (everything prerecorded, trumpets at the beginning). Here are the characters afterward.

This was the final scene of the performance, when the good guys set the multiple-headed bad guys on fire...you know, the usual.

The afterparty?

Kevin seriously needs to work on his "breakin it down" skills.

So here's a video of a rock band rocking out the the Hare Krishna Mantra after the performance... yes, he is just repeating the words of the Mantra over and over again...


Bon Fire

Mike M. and the rest of the boys in the house have been tearing apart the roof to put on new shingles. Their front lawn has been looking like a dump piled up with the old shingles, so we took a load and had a fire next to Utah Lake.

Here is Mandy hiding from the wind while the boys unloaded the trailer.


Dancing in the Street

Let me reintroduce you to Jeff and his roommates:

Mike M. (and Leslie) looking very creepy


And their new roommate, Mike B, who just got off his mission 4 months ago.

Leslie, Rikki, Rikki's friend Casey and I were planning on going to a stake dance last night, but when Rikki and Casey went to Brick Oven for dinner beforehand, Leslie and I decided to go visit Jeff and his roommates. And instead of going to the dance....we had a dance party. In their driveway. Rikki and Casey came after they had enjoyed the stake dance for a while


New Apartment!

We have officially moved into our new apartment. Let me introduce you to my roommates....

Here's Mandy trying to take a Sunday afternoon nap, but smiling for the picture. Mandy and I share a room.

Here is Leslie, who replaced Kelsey as Rikki's roommate, since Kelsey is spending this semester in Florida.

Here is Rikki, looking good as always. It didn't take everyone long to shuck our church clothes and change back into PJ's.

Here are some views of the apartment. We haven't finished decorating yet, so I will put up more pictures once it is complete.

Mine and Mandy's room. This picture is missing the decorations I've already put up on my side and the pile of boxes by the closet that Mandy has yet to unpack.

Rikki and Leslie's room. This shows Leslie's side.

And here is Rikki's side.

On The Road

So Marisa and I finally made it to Provo after 33 hours of driving. This is pretty much the only picture of us during the trip and it's not even good but...it's probably better that there isn't more proof of what we looked like for those three days.

Who knows how Mom managed to fit everything into my car...

Here are some images from the road. Unfortunately we didn't start taking pictures til Wyoming, but the other states were boring anyway.

This boot was in front of the hotel we stayed in our second night of the trip, in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Marisa and I saw cowboys in a McDonalds we stopped at to go to the bathroom. She was really tempted to go back in and take a picture of them.