Days at the Y, Nights with the Wares

You'd think we'd go to the Wares for the food. Or to do our laundry.

But really we just come for this.

And this. Jackson posing. Without being asked to.

How do you like his stache?

I'm totally jealous of their halloween decorations.

This is my favorite part.
Just kidding about that first part! We go because we just love the Wares. Thanks for putting up with us you guys.
Here's kate eating with no hands.
Mike Madsen and the roommates did an open mic night at his house recently. It was fun, but a little too cold to actually perform well...as you can see...

Sadly I didn't get many pictures before my battery died. This is...pretty much it.


Shark! Shark! Shark!

Mike and his friend Jon have started DJing lately, and to get things started they did a block party a few blocks south of campus. It's pretty sweet. He plays songs off of his computer, and as long as he can get an internet connection he can get any song anyone wants.

I went to dinner with Michelle, LJ and Mike Madsen while Mike was setting up his DJ stuff, and then they stopped by to say hi to Mike. I think they said that were going to leave like five times, but watching Mormons dance is just too funny, and they just couldn't walk away...

This is why we keep LJ around.

Just guess what song was playing.

And then Mandy stopped by afterward. Woot!

Oh, and if you're wondering about the title...this should explain something.

Family Home Evening

Once a month the Breadys try to have a family home evening where everyone comes. This time we learned about the 2000 stripling warriors. Luckily, Randy provided visual aids. I think it definitely enhanced the lesson.

Yeah, I don't know how this happened.

And here's a lil som'in som'in extra.


The Honeymoon

So Mike and I went to Anaheim and San Diego for our honeymoon the week between our receptions. For anyone who hasn't been there...you should know that southern California is super ugly if you're not right on the coast. Just thought I'd throw that out there.

We drove through Las Vegas on our way down from Utah. That is one place I do NOT understand. There is NOTHING outside of Las Vegas for miles and miles in any direction. I don't understand why people live there. This was a hotel we could see from the highway. Oh, sorry, not just A hotel. THE hotel.

We went to Disneyland our first day there. It was AMAZING. It was my first time there, and I plan to go back many, many times. Every part of the park is so well done, it's like you're just walking from one Disney set to another.

Tarzan's treehouse!

A real moose! OK, not really. You caught me.

This is where we slept.

Ok I lied. It was really just the display beds for this merchant ship.

I really considered buying these for Mike's mom, Gladys. She always wears aprons when she cooks, and this would have been pretty much awesome on her.

Tuesday we drove down the San Diego. We spent Wednesday afternoon getting fried at Mission Beach, and then visited the Gaslamp District for dinner and a little shopping.

Mike was sad when I sad we couldn't stop in here, but he cheered up when we bought him some Pumas instead.

Balboa Park. We were going to go to the San Diego Zoo on Thursday, but we got so burnt the day before at the beach that we decided that weren't going to spend the money when we were in too much pain to enjoy it. Yeah, we were THAT burnt.

Balboa Park has an activities center, a children's playground, lot of museums in cool buildings, and probably more that I can't remember.

The architecture was beautiful.

Yeah, my husband is...special.

Here are a few flowers I thought were cool.

The beach! I loved the beach. It was the first time I had been to the ocean in 15 years. I think I'm going to try surfing when we go to Hawaii next summer.

This is the beach we went to in Coronado after spending the afternoon in Balboa Park. Unfortunately I don't have pictures of Mission Beach, but this beach was much, much prettier. I don't think I'd mind living here.

Mike searched the sand for shells and little animals like this. Gross.

That's Hotel Del Coronado in the distance, Dad's favorite spot in San Diego.

I loved this. A group doing yoga on the beach. Also, in the distance I believe is the karate group that also came down to do a class and got very wet.

This was a fifties-type diner we ate at in Coronado after going to the beach. It definitely beat out Green Shutters. Take that, GS!

The next morning we left and made the long drive drive back to Provo. It was so fun, and I didn't want to leave, especially knowing school was coming soon after that. I think we'll have to go back sometime soon.


What Wedding?

Oh yeah. Mine. HA! How could I forget the longest day of my life? It's just not possible.

Mirbeau was beautiful. Thanks Nic. I was so glad we got to do the luncheon there.

We're hot.

And let's not forget singing happy birthday to Dave. I think he was actually embarrassed. But that's what he got for talking all summer about how he was having a big birthday party that day.

Somehow Dave is in every picture. And thank you, Deanne, for altering my dress. It looked like it was made that way.

The cousins.

Joe so kindly carried me down the stairs. I'm pretty sure I threw up in my mouth a little halfway down.

Ben! Thanks for playing Ben. If you're reading this, you're awesome.

Totally hot, huh.

How could I not share cake with the birthday boy? He liked it.

Um, this is possibly one of the cutest pictures ever. Though I'm not sure I would have said that at the time, since James threw up on my dress TWICE earlier that day.

It was AWESOME having the Palmers there. Thanks so much for flying all the way to NY for the wedding you two! I love you guys.

Thank you everyone who made the wedding amazing. We love you all!