Mom and Dad's Visit

So, because mom and dad love me the most and just couldn't wait til thanksgiving to see me, they both came out this past week and spent some time with me. It was nice to see them, but i'm not gonna lie (and they understand of course), college is college without them. But we had fun while it lasted!

Saturday afternoon...
Sunday after church.Sunday night- dinner at the Mabey's. Mmm, real food! Of course i brought some back with me.
Tuesday night Dad took Mom, me, and some friends out to Macaroni Grill. It was lots of fun, they all thought dad was funny (of course they loved you too mom). Here is Mandy, Leslie, Me, Billy, and Rikki. Dad called Leslie a camel as an apology to the waitress for Leslie calling her over every two seconds to fill up her water glass. Nice, Dad.
Everyone was cracking up as the waitress brought out a piece of cake for me- Rikki told her it was my birthday. Brat.


What up 6th Floor

Conehead Rock

Don't ask what possessed us. We 6th floor girls pretty much rock.


Chronic -WHAT- cles of Narnia

I wasn't a big fan of the Morris Center until now...

When did i become such a big dork?


I Will Follow You Into The Dark

I Will Follow You into the Dark

Ha so i feel like a dork for posting but i was hoping you would all enjoy it...so enjoy! (p.s. can you tell which part each of us is singing during the chorus? it's hard to tell...)


Apple Fest!

I now am good friends with two girls in my hall, Rikki and Kelsey, and last Saturday Rikki invited me to go to "Apple Fest" with them. It was hilarious- apples were everywhere. there were apple facts on the walls, caramel apples and other apple desserts. A group of people were playing the game Apples to Apples. And there was an apple carving contest. So funny.

Rikki's friend Casey, Rikki, and Kelsey
It turns out that Hediyeh from our old ward was one of the girls who lived at the house that hosted Apple Fest. It was really nice to see her.Rikki hard at work carving her apple for the contestHere are the contestants of the carving contest. Rikki's is the green bike in the middle. Kelsey's is the green apple on the very right...it was very impressive. On the back of her i carved an image of her next boyfriend...unfortunately i didn't get a picture because my camera ran out of battery.Afterwards we ung out with Rikki's friend Kyle and Adam, and their roommates. Here they are at SmartCookie (amazing ice cream place) on the love sac together.

80's Dancing

Last Wednesday Billy and i decided to go 80's dancing. We didn't have much for outfits, but i think we did alright with the supplies we had.

i tried doing Billy's hair crazy like Robert Smith's. with a lot of hairspray and blow-drying, i got it halfway there...
While there i saw my friend Josh Mullen. he and his friend had funny matching outfits (though i kind of think they're more 70's than 80's...but hey, what do i know?)
Billy doesn't need a dance partner, he's so funny. i think the only reason he needed me was so that he didn't look creepy dancing by himself.
There were some really funny outfits. i think my favorite part of the night was when Bohemian Rhapsody came on, which of course you can't dance to, so people were interpretive dancing on the floor. like billy. it was also really funny hearing everyone sing the different parts to it.

These guys had the craziest outfits, i had to give them props.On our walk back i told Billy about how apparently everyone hangs out at "The Sev" in the early hours of the morning. As we passed we saw that sadly, it's true. Billy was really sad he couldn't be part of what we now call the "Sev Select"


So Friday last week i went to the girl's volleyball game against Utah State. They lost, which sucked...but i hope you enjoy the pictures.

Cosmo the Cougar. He cracks me up.
Josh's roommate Russ is one of the ball boys. Sweet job huh....this is Russ hard at work (Josh gave him a hard time after the game for showing homosexual tendencies. i thought it was hilarious).

This one is for Megan to show my school spirit....GO COUGARS! haha, yeah that's all i've got. Josh yelled at me for not getting into it enough.

This is how Josh picks up the ladies.After the game i was invited by my friend Mike to go to olive garden for his friend's birthday party. Mike is who i call up when i want to play some serious volleyball. It was a lot of fun, Mike and his roomates are very entertaining.Some of the boys...Francisco, whose birthday it was, is in the middle, though he's not in the dorms with them.Crazy roommates... Kimball

RussWillie (whose name is actually Phil, and i was very confused until a couple of nights ago).