Happy Father's Day

Ok, the lack of blogging has NOT been my fault, since we didn't get internet until last week and I'm gone all day every day anyway. So let's update. Mike and I are busy working this summer now that we are home from our travels. Mike is afternoon shift manager now, so he is usually at work until 7:30. I am interning this summer at a friend's investment management company in Salt Lake called Belsen Getty. We only have one car between the two of us, and since Mike works so late we end up being out 12 hours a day. Our usual schedule consists of me dropping Mike off in American Fork on my way to SL at 8, getting off work at 5, waiting around either at Michelle's house or the Bready's in Sandy until 7 and then picking Mike up on my way home. Sounds fun, eh? It's good for us, but they are long, long days.

We all got together at the Bready house for a Father's day celebration. Since everyone in the ward there lives so close (it only takes one street to make a full ward here) they plan "walk-abouts" once a months during the summertime, where volunteers provide food and drink for people walking around the neighborhood on Sunday night. This is an example of the kind of spread we saw at each house. Yum.

It gives people the chance to stop and chat.

Apparently, a few years ago when Thomas was bored he decided to learn how to unicycle to "set him apart" from other guys. I hope that works for you Thomas. I only wish Mike unicycled...

The many faces of David Bready.

Heather and Shane were tortured for a while that night by their own children.

Katelyn was kind enough to show us her cookie. Half eaten.