Mike and I spent Mother's Day up at the Bready house. Here is Grandma Bready with Kate and Ellie, Heather and Shane's twins.

Hey, here's my finance (in amy's words). He's cute.

Michelle brought Alex and David bags with Nickolodeon stuff in them from California. They loved them and wore the bags around like backpacks.


Dad's Visit

Dad had an overnight layover in SLC on May 7th, so Mike and I picked him up and took him out to dinner and then spent some time in his hotel room. It was so nice to see him and sit and talk. Family, come visit more often!


My Birfday

So on my birthday Mike and I went to see SLC's arena football team, the Blaze. Mike and I spent most of the time making fun of the hick people there.

These girls in front of us were especially funny to watch.

Mike snuck in a picture of this guy behind of with this sweet mustache.

The half-time show. It was pretty cool. Some guys did some sweet flips on some trampolines.

Afterward I made Mike drive to Toelle so we could play his brother Nathan and his wife Becky on the Wii. We kicked their butts. I was sad we weren't there earlier while their boys and little girl were still awake.

They're still cute asleep though. Alex


Becky's sister and brother-in-law were there too, Heather and Rick.

Then on Sunday Mike Madsen and I opened presents, since his birthday was the next day. Woohoo!