Thanksgiving with the Breadys

Since my own dad was too cheap to fly me anywhere for Thanksgiving this year (just kidding Dad), I went and spent it in Sandy with Mike's family (with a stop at the Mabey's of course). Let me introduce you to Mike's family:

Mr. and Mrs. Bready

Mike's youngest brother, Thomas, who's 16.

His other brothers, Nathan (29) and Steven (18)

Nathan's wife, Becky

Mike's two sisters, Michelle (25)

and Heather (28)

Heather's husband, Shane, and son, Jackson

Nathan and Becky's little boys are super cute. Here is Alex (5) giving his cheesiest smile.

and David (2) is the littlest loner I've ever seen.

The day after Thanksgiving Heather and Shane got family pictures at the house. Here are their cute little twin girls (who I know better than my own niece, Parker, now.)

More proof that grandpas are the BIGGEST baby hogs EVER. Mr. Bready always has a grandchild in his arms...

Brothers! Steven goes the to Y with us, his freshman year.

I was called over by Becky to take a picture of this. Mrs. Bready put plastic bags over her oven mitts so that she could flip the turkey.

It was a HUGE turkey (and delicious).

Mom, you need to convince Dad to expand the kitchen to look like this:


Birthday Fiesta!

On Saturday we celebrated Rikki and Pablo's birthday. Ok, so it wasn't decorated much like a fiesta, but in spirit it was. Rikki's Mom was here from Georgia and her brother and his wife came down from Salt Lake to help celebrate. It was pretty hoppin, as you can tell by this picture of connect four.

The birthday girl.

Rikster and Pablo (he's a mutual friend of Rikki and Kevin who happens to share Rikki's birthday).

Lynsey, Marni and Britney stopped by.

Even Rachel stopped by! We miss them.


Rikster and her mom.

Amy, I learned this from you.

New Camera!

Not much has happened recently, but the main reason for my decline in blogging has been the breaking of my camera. I've been using Mike's but it just hasn't been the same. So when it broke, I took it to Best Buy (thank you service contract) and they sent it in to get fixed. And then a week ago I got a call from Dad saying that Best Buy was going to replace my camera with a NEW ONE. So pretty much I have a new Sony Cybershot and everyone I know is jealous of me. And of course I am now taking a ridiculous amount of pictures again (I have to try out all the features, ok!?) Blogger, here I come.

Trying out the Burst Mode.

Dinner at Gandolfo's.

Leslie taking pictures of herself (I've taught her well).

The Poetry Game at the hospital cafe with Leslie, Jeff, Mike, Mike and Carrie.

Some samples of our excellent poetry (one person starts, you throw your napkin in, pull out one you haven't written on and write the next line until everyone has written a line for each poem).

Mike said to me "Waz up Brotha"
He replied, "I saw her last night, how is yo motha?"
I'm eating a chili dog, smothered!
What? A napkin? Nah, I'm cova'd.
Now what about that money you owe me?
Pull out the greens, come on just show me.

Rappin' poems foo! If that's what you're into
Rhyming sucks boo hoo hoo
Rhyming sucks? Well so do you
What say ye chaps, how about a clue?
Clue? That game is better than gold gilded poo.
Woops, I think I fed that to Mike and Jeff too.

Compton Son, what what!
Holy snikies, son, look at your butt
It's big and hairy and I think there's a mole
That must be awkward to scratch right by the hole

Cami told me she has bad gas
It's amazing though, she passes it with class
She does it so well, even Mike's oblivious
When she rips, he thinks the smell is his
So he sits there quiet pretending not to smell
Then she finally confesses and Mike says "What the..."

Yeah. They get pretty random.

Mike with his girls, money, and bling.

This is a funny new development: Mike wrestled in high school yet Leslie thinks she can take him. So now they wrestle and it's REALLY entertaining. Mike can take her down using only one arm, but it doesn't stop her from trying. Leslie- you're going to have to starting lifting a lot more boxes at the Cannon Center to take Mike down.

Leslie has a fear of being strangled or something, so she freaks out any time anything comes near her neck. Not really good for wrestling....

Time For A Wedding

Not mine! Ugh. You sicko.

LJ (who lives with the boys) and Michelle just got married on November 2nd. It's actually kind of funny because Leslie and I know Michelle because she lived on our floor last year at DT. They were married in the afternoon in the Salt Lake Temple, and Leslie and I drove up that night to go to their reception.

I like to hit on Eric and Mike likes to hit on Leslie, so pictures like this happen. I think Eric and Leslie enjoy it.



The boys will miss LJ. That little girl wanted in on the action.

After this one, each of the boys wanted an individual shot with LJ.

The dorks.