A Short Hiatus

I thought that I would have time to do one more blog before leaving, but I am running short today. We are leaving the house at 3 and meeting everyone at the airport at 5, so this will have to be it.

We aren't taking our computers, so I won't be able to blog during the trip, but I will have lots to blog when we get back! If anyone needs to get in touch with us....well, that will be difficult, but we will occasionally be checking our email on public computers hopefully, so if you email me I might get back to you.

Wish us luck everyone, and Happy Spring!



We woke up too lake for me to hide the Easter basket, but Easter still turned out ok...

After church we decorated eggs

Then we went up to Sandy to have Easter dinner with the Bready clan.

The boys hung out with Grandma in the kitchen like that for probably half an hour while she made strawberry sauce. They love their Grandma.

I told them to give me big cheeser smiles. David always delivers.

Happy Easter!


Mandy is....

engaged!  I admit, I did not think Mandy would get married before graduating.  Then again, I didn't think I would either.

Anyway, congratulations, Mandy!  I am super excited.