So when Dave was visiting Doylestown Ward last sunday, i figured out that Josh Olson is in Provo, so Dave gave me his number and we hung out tonight. The first thing we did when he picked me up was head to Heather's house. Heather has been married for about a year and a half now and has this cute little girl! But Josh is a mean uncle and keeps calling her lazy-eye because sometimes her left eye is closed more than her right. He also makes fun of her for being named Reilly. He claims it's a boy's name. And he thinks he's going to be the favorite uncle...After Heather's we got ice cream at Leatherby's and then went to the dollar theater and saw Nacho Libre. It was hilarious.
Josh's roommate Russ came along for the ride because he was bored. Russ is the brother of Heather's husband. He is also the ball boy for the BYU girl's volleyball team, which is sweet because he gets paid to chase around volleyballs. Josh and i are going to cheer for him at the game this Friday. Both boys are very amusing. Both just got off their missions- Josh went to California and Russ went to Maine. Josh said he was home for two days before he drove out here to start the new semester- crazy!


Astro Van

Friday night Sarah invited me to hang out with her and her friends. Her friend Jordon has an big brown astro van, and we fit 10 people in it for the ride to the movies and back. Four of us squished in the back seat and four were on the floor. I have a feeling we're probably going to try to fit more in at some point. Sarah's best friend from her hometown in Idaho, Kim, came down for the weekend and hung out with us.Sarah refusing her picture being taken at ihop after the movies. Sorry guys, i'm not just going to blurt out that these are for my blog so...you're out of luck.
Just a little extra- Billy is seeing how long he can grow out his facial hair before he gets yelled at (though you can't see it well in this picture). He said he's going to grow a 'stache. I told him i won't talk to him anymore if he does. Not because of the honor code. Just......because.


International Speak Like a Pirate Day

So today was International Speak Like a Pirate Day, so Mandy brought Megan, Sara and I to a pirate party thrown by some guy from her old ward (she lived here over the summer). It was pretty funny....people were really decked out like pirates. Unfortunately the four of us did not have anything remotely pirate-like, though we were thinking of making eye patches before we went. Here are the guys who threw the party.

Megan and I with Grant.Mandy and Megan trying to make up for not dressing like pirates...Sara and I...just because we're cool. And because you haven't seen Sara yet (see Amy, i have more than one girl friend....).

Logan (the guy Mandy knew) just bought an alligator. They named it Steve. It was cute.

It was such a guy's apartment. The salt and pepper shakers were made out of real bottles. They had a grungy barrel for a trashcan. And this is their fridge....they made it wood paneled with a wood panel sticker. Boys...
Mandy doing inappropriate things with maniken lamp. Apparently there is usually a skirt on it but someone hid it in the course of the night.



On sunday I was invited to eat at the Mabey's house, so Jeff picked me up and we went to church at their family ward and then to Camille Mabey's single's ward (down the street...). Then Scott and Laura made a delicious Sunday dinner called Benny Hauna's (spelling?) after the restaurant you can get it from. Apparently it is a tradition that started with our two families when Mom and Dad lived in Sandy. Here are Scott and Laura.

Jeff MabeyJeff's room mates also came along for the food. This is Eric.
And Mike. They are amusing.

Scott and Camille.
And of course my favorite part of the house. The drinking fountain. Does anyone else find that amazing/super amusing?So tonight Mandy decided that we needed more decorations for our rooms. She did my name for me. On the bottom of the letters she wrote a message. The last part of it says "Don't wake Camille up early in the morning. She's SCARY!" Mandy found that out this morning when she knocked on my door at 7:30 looking for an eyeliner sharpener. I have a feeling she won't do that again.This is the one i did of hers. I made the letters fit into the mountain range i drew....it's pretty sweet. Notice the Y. You know...for BYU. Duh.

P.S. These are the views from my window. Also pretty sweet.


Disco Skating

Tonight i went disco skating with my friend Michaela from Newburgh stake and her room mates. It was hilarious. Unfortunately i had nothing 70's to wear (it's cheaper if you're dressed up). There were a lot of people really good at skating, and many did tricks in the middle of the floor. I think these pictures speak for themselves....my favorite, though, is the group of high school boys completely decked out in 70's clothes. One had the sweetest shirt i've ever seen. Ever.


Catch Up

Alright. Since i've been here two and a half weeks there's a lot to fill in. Shunae and Travis picked me up at the airport, let me sleep over, and then set me up at school the next day. They are awesome and really fun to hang out with. Here they are in a little restaurant called Coney's that is known for it's custard ice cream.For at least the first week i was here, the mountains totally amazed me. I still think they're awesome. Viktor and i hung out a lot the first couple days and happened to come upon Billy. Actually, how we met Billy is kind of funny. Viktor and i were sitting on the couch in the lobby of his dorm building talking about the volleyball game. I was saying how i was so excited to see the men's team play and how guys' volleyball is so amazing to watch, and out of nowhere this kid sitting on the couch across from us was like "No it's not! Girls' is way better!" Viktor and i were both kinda like "Wha?" and then Billy introduced himself to us..... The first weekend here flyers when around about a "Toga Party" in Helamen Halls, and Billy really wanted to check it out. Here is Billy looking emo with my hoodie over the toga he was wearing that he made out of his bedsheet.On the way to the Orientation Finale Dance, Billy decided to ask random people if they knew where Princeton University was, because no one recognized princeton when they asked him where he was from. It was a sad, sad survey- only 14 out of 37 people knew that Princeton University is in New Jersey.When i said that Skeletor entertains us when we're sitting around, i wasn't kidding.

My room mate left and went home the first day of classes, so now i have a whole double to myself. Unfortunately, i don't have nearly enough stuff to fill the entire room, so Billy and I decided to decorate some cardboard to make a mural for my wall. We walked to Shopko (a good half hour walk each way, if not more) for the spray paint and crayons.
Billy also made other decorations when we were hanging out in my room during visiting hours wednesday night. Now i have an octopus tentacle coming out of my ceiling with a speech bubble that says "I come for you." And a rock lobster (Billy really likes 80's new wave music).
One night this week Billy made cookies from scratch in our friend Elliott's apartment. He then proceeded to call everyone he made cookies for to come join us on the grass outside my hall at 9 at night. Viktor and some others brought their pizza, i bought the chocolate milk, and Elliott and Billy provided the entertainment. Elliott is quite good at the banjo. Billy was playing a home made bass (a broom, a bucket, and a string).

On Wednesday Elliott and Billy decided to dress up as superheros. Don't ask me what kind of heros they are...i can't remember. I think they were going more for style than for actually helping people. I also can't count how many weird looks we got as Billy and I sat in the Cougareat in the Wilkinson Center eating lunch. Thursday night this week Mandy invited us to go ice skating with her and her friend Ross. Ross is from Provo and therefore has a car and knows where everything is- very convenient. I think the best part of the night was watching Billy skate- instead of gliding he looks like a retarded kid trying to walk. It was really funny.