I might actually be feeling a little cougar pride.

I don't especially care to pay attention to BYU football or watch any of the games, but even I felt a little pride when they beat Oklahoma when no one thought they would win.

Yeah, I'm pretty much the only one in the family who doesn't care. Besides Heather.

But for once I'll say....Go Cougars!


This is why we're friends


Number One

Can you guys believe Mike and I have been married for over a year? Yeah, me either sometimes. But it's awesome!

The Wednesday before the 15th we took the day off, went to Seven Peaks (a water park in Provo), went out to dinner at a little diner on 1st West and Center called Sammy's, and then went shopping with our Macy's giftcards that we still haven't spent all of since the wedding.

It was pretty much the best day. Ever.

Yes, Mam.

Rik says I need to blog more, so I will!

Here are pics from a Primary splash party last month.

Hannah is one of the three kids in the primary class Mike and I teach at church.

Kittens! They were so cute. Only like two weeks old.