Weekend with James

Ok, Ok! Here are some pictures from my trip to Seattle to visit my new nephew, James. Isn't he adorable?

Old man undies!

But even with a new one around, who can forget about this guy?

Especially when he goes around without pants or underwear on most of the time!

James and his mom.

Should his mother be doing this to him?

James and his dad.

Seepin' on the way to the airport.

Always the neck pinching

Ok, not very exciting, but isn't he cute?

Amy and Curt, thanks so much for having me, I can't wait to come back!


Meet the Parents

Ok, I'm sorry for being so bad about blogging lately, don't be mad! I have very cute pictures from my weekend in Seattle, but I need to catch up first with one last blog about break. So here it is, especially for anyone in Mike's family who might happen to see this.

Mike and I the morning I took Mike to the airport to go home. It was cold and I was tired so...I'm not looking very happy. But it's still cute.

Mike was, um, fortunate enough to be in New York just in time for the big family Christmas party. Surprisingly enough he wasn't harassed much. I think my uncles are getting soft in their old age. Yeah I said it!

Good old family game of balls.

Mike and the Parkacite. I think he misses her as much as I do.

Meg hung out with us almost every day Mike was there. So fun! Miss you, Meg!

Luckily we got a little snow while we were there, so we went sledding down the firelane. Unfortunately...there wasn't quite enough snow so it was a little painful sliding down the gravel road....

No need to be jealous of the sailing sweatshirt I have on.

Uncle Joe lives on the Susquehanna River, so we stopped at the Church memorial on our way to the Christmas party.

Here we are bowling with Eric, Erik, Drew and Klaas, since there's not much else to do in the wintertime in Auburn. My highest was 170...pretty ridiculous.

Snowmobiling with Dad. We only went for an hour and a half, but it was still fun.


Parka Park

So over break I finally got a chance to get to know my niece, Parker, otherwise known as Parkimus Prime, Parkacite, Parka Park...among others. I suppose it's about time I blogged about her, but it was hard to choose what pictures to use so this blog is extra long. Deal with it!

So much nicer when she's asleep....just kidding! Park is nice all the time. Except when you try to feed her a bottle.

What? Adorable? Why yes, yes she is.

Park has an obsession with hair and holds on tight when she gets it.

What? This isn't Park...How did evidence of Ashley's weird obsession with carebears get in here....?

Back to Park. She lets Uncle David do pretty much anything to her. Like drag her around in Dad's new toolbox.