Suprise Visit!

So here are some pictures from Kevin's visit. He showed up for his spring break and took me totally by surprise! We went and saw the Young Ambassadors one night and watched Army of Darkness at Jordan's another night. Now stop harrassing me!


Nights in Provo

So Mandy, Rikki, Kelsey, Leslie and I have recently discovered a place called Pudding on the Rice which sells just rice pudding as dessert, like an ice cream place. It's pretty much amazing and we definitely enjoy ourselves while we're there...

After Pudding on the Rice last Friday night we decided we were ready for a dance party so we went to one at an apartment in the Elms, which is where the boys we hang out with live and where our friend Rachel lives.
Adam and Mandy
Kelsey and Rachel breaking it down.
I don't even know about this one.

Rikki started getting a headache from the strobe light so we sat outside for a little bit.

This is my friend Jordan who I know from my intermural volleyball team, eating a corn dog at the hospital. The cafe there has amazing shakes so we stop by every once in a while. Mandy has recently discovered how glad she is that Iknow him....

I've also hung out with Josh Olson quite a bit this semester. I took this tuesday night after playing ultimate frisbee with him and some members from his ward. It was funny because Josh is shorter than me, and he was wearing that dark gray shirt, so my team would be throwing the frisbee to our endzone and Josh would come out of nowhere and knock it out of my teammates' hands. He deleted all the good onces i took of him so this is all i have.

But here is a good picture of Josh Ash and I that i found the other day from Chris' wedding reception summer of 2004. Funny huh?

Russ, Josh's roommate. Whenever Josh and I make plans Russ is usually there hanging out with us.