Stake Dance

So here are some picture from the Stake dance last weekend....


I Don't Know How This Happened

So the other night Rikki was playing with some bright red lipstick Victoria's Secret gave me, and suddenly turn to Kelsey and I and said "who am i!?" You can imagine that we couldn't just let it end there.
And apparently Rikki was so inspiring that Kelsey ended up as a zebra...or a white tiger...or a crazy person in stripes.
Yeah. There aren't really words to describe hanging out with Queen Amidala.

They were trying to make zebra noises but....they just looked retarded.

Queen Amidala rides a Zebra? And yes, that's Kelsey's Prom dress. And yes, those are Kelsey's hands in my slippers.

Other news this week: Leslie's fish died. What was most amazing is that it was swimming around upside down at the very end. That was really funny, though Leslie and Rikki were freaking out about it. I was the only one "heartless" enough to flush it.