So begins my summer at the lake. I don't think I've ever appreciated this place enough. The longer I'm gone, the easier it is to see what a sweet place we've got here. THIS is why I love summer (along with everyone else in the family).

Aunt Celeste and Grandma came along for the ride.

The crazy boys. They actually went tubing too, believe it or not. Of course...Mom and I had to pick Connor up by the arms and legs and force him to go...and then he bragged afterward to his mother about what a hotshot tuber he is

Yeah, anyone who has tubed with Dave knows what's about to happen here...

I like this sequence (not as much as the parker/slide sequence though).

Yeah, we know what the last picture would look like.

Typical tubing videos. Meg falls off in the end only because Chris started tickling her. Ash, Amy, I'm sure you can imagine how indignant she was afterward.

Meg complaining about not being able to get Dave out. Shocking.

Family Reunion

Mike's mom's family had a reunion the Saturday before I left Utah. We had a fun game of baseball and then everyone went swimming in the pool. Of course Michael and Thomas can't possibly just swim nicely...

Jordon Deru's Wedding!

I was lucky enough to get to the end of Jordan's reception on the 20th, and it was so fun seeing everyone. Well, almost everyone. I was told that Tavin's baby was having a hard time, so sadly I didn't get to see him, but everyone else was still there.

Shunae and Travis

Damon and Aubrey

Terry and one of his cute boys.


and Derek, who I haven't seen in about 8 years.

The newlyweds' poor car.

To give you the full effect of the car...

Congratulations Jordon!

p.s. if anyone does that to any cars at my wedding, I WILL kill you


I Hope They Call Me On A Mission

But that will be a little farther away than I originally thought. So Steven will have to go in my place. Here are some pics of our last days with Steven.

Family walk

Katelyn at the restaurant for breakfast

Last goodbyes and pictures at the MTC.

Yeah, this was just cute.

YSA Stake Activity

Enough said.

Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day Weekend was awesome this year. We spent spent all weekend with Mike's family- any time away from school is awesome. Plus Nathan and Becky have a Wii and that pretty much guarantees a good time.

Steven and David

Looks like David's winning...

Cute! Ok, so I'm really just saying that because I'm not sure which twin this is, sorry Heather and Shane. I'm going to guess....Elly? Please? Yes?

Proudly wearing the sweet shirt Mike and I gave him for Christmas.

We locked Mike and Jackson outside for a little while and got these pictures out of it. All in all, a good deal I think.