It started with a bridal shower...

And ended with a wedding! Yay, Kevrik are (is?) married!

Sorry, this is the best picture I have of Rikki's dress. It was awesome.

The Purdy Family

The Hein Family

This is Rik's brother Jess and his wife Danii. I went to Danii's bridal shower last year when she was still at the Y.

Not the best picture I've ever taken...but Rik looks pretty!

Haha, this cracked me up. Rik's niece, Raleigh, hanging out in her dad's coat.

And of course our good friend Robbie was there.


Possible Engagement Photos

What do you think? I think Curt likes the idea of being in it.

Or maybe we could just use these next to each other. Who wouldn't want to come to our wedding after seeing these?

oh, p.s. for those of you who didn't know, I'm engaged. To this ^ guy.

Seattle Part 2

I'm sure everyone who actually reads this blog is sick of looking at the gross pictures of me and Mike on the road, so I guess I'll put some more up, even though I should be studying for finals right now.

On Friday we went out to lunch at a Thai place. Ian was too cool to sit with us.

James really enjoyed sucking on Mike's finger.

Of course we went to the Seattle Pike Place Fish Market.


We finished our day in Seattle by checking out the outdoor sculptures at the SAM, the Seattle Art Museum.

Mike decided to become part of one of the sculptures. Knock Out!

This tree was super cool. If you click on the picture you can see that it's metal.

We stayed down by the beach at the end of the trail for a little while and let Ian throw rocks into the water.

Someone was having trouble sitting in the stoller...

James is getting so big, but he's still so little...

Yeah. This is all Mike.