Ok, I know it's hard to see this thing in the picture, but try real hard. And then answer my questions:

What is it?
What is it doing on the highway?


Goodbye Kevrik

A few weeks ago, Kelsey, Nathan, Mike and I said goodbye to Kevrik the night before they started their cross-country drive.

Their apartment was so sad. They gave the bookshelf to us (along with other furniture), and while Nathan and I were taking it apart, I dropped it on my foot. It still hurts.

We hung out for a while and then took a trip to the hospital cafe to enjoy once last hangout together there. We've spent many a night enjoying that cafe into the early hours of the morning (by which I mean like...maybe 1 at the latest. Seriously. We're pathetic.)

Kels and Nathan headed home from the hospital, but Mike and I headed back to the mansion to say our final goodbyes. Rik and I have been good friends for 3 years now, and we've hung out a lot even since we've been married (especially this summer) so it was sad to see them go. New Jersey, you better appreciate your new residents!

Nice rik.

Mike and Kevin had a special relationship. They talked about the NBA or college football 90% of the time we were all together. It was scintillating. Mostly just to them.

And this is how we say goodbye.

The Funeral

Sometimes music is just so good. Like right now: currently listening to "The Funeral" by Band of Horses and it's just hitting the spot. Thank you Apple for the Genius function on iTunes; it always somehow magically picks out all the songs I'm in the mood for.

I guess that's why they call it Genius.

Speaking of funerals, I'll probably be having Mike's sooner than later if he makes himself another casadilla like the one he made the other day.

I mean, check that thing out. It looks like throw-up with cheese on top.


The Big 5

Jackson had his 5th birthday party last month and Michelle and I went down to help out Heather with the 8 5 year olds at the house. It was jungle themed.

Everyone enjoyed the hats. And I mean...


Happy Birthday Jackson!


My Bruva's Wedding

Yay Kristine and Dave! July 8th, 2009.

Mike loves his Momma.

And James loves his Momma.

James snacked of goldfish before the luncheon

and occasionally shared some.

Please zoom in and check out Ian's face in this picture.

Yeah, thanks Dave. We love you too.

And I love my pops.

This is what Ian did pretty much the whole luncheon.

I got to sit next to James.

Kristine and Dave, this was a little disappointing. I mean...why be nice when you could be doing...

Congrats you two.


"I live in a hotel"

Whenever I'm sad because I think I'm not going to see my family much within a year, they seem to prove me wrong. Which I don't mind at all. Mike and I got to hang out with Mom, Dad, Amy, Curt, Ian, James, Dave and Kristine for 5 days while they were here for Dave and Kristine's wedding. Way to bring the family together you two.

Because, let's be honest, how could I stay away from this guy for too long?

Or this crazy-face? Who, by the way, kept telling strangers in the Marriott that he lived in a hotel. It was probably the best five days of his life.

I skipped out on work while they were here (thanks, Terry!) and we spent one day in Park City. Here's Jameser on a playground.

And my cute Momma.

Curt, Amy, Dad, and I did the extreme zipline while Mom and Ian rode down the Alpine Slide. Not to be outdone on speed, of course, Mom claimed she would have gone much faster if Ian hadn't ridden with her...

We watched as skiiers practiced tricks while jumping into the pool.
And the olypmic center had weird things up on the walls. I didn't really know what to think of them.

We played Oh Hell (a family favorite card game), swam in the pool, shopped, and had fun relaxing together. Can you guys come back to Utah soon, please?


4th of July

Mike and I spent 4th of July with his family up in Sandy. Their neighborhood does a parade (which I slept through because it started at 8) and then a breakfast at the pool (which consisted of sausage, watermelon, and krispy kreme donuts. Interesting).

Michelle, Nate, Becky, and the kids came over, and while we were waiting for Mike to get off work so we could start bbqing, the fam decided to go on a hike to some falls up Big Cottonwood Canyon (to which my response was..."we're doing this for fun?"). I'm what Jim Gaffigan would describe as "indoorsy." So I texted Mike to hurry up and he made it home for the hike.

So I made him carry me the whole time.

Just kidding. But David got a ride (I really don't understand why Mike prefers carrying David over me).

And Katelyn got a sweet ride. I don't think she touched the ground the whole time. The cheater.

But really the hike wasn't bad at all. I suppose this was worth it.

Here's a closer look at Katelyn's ride. Pretty sweet, eh?

David and Alex though Uncle Mike was the coolest person ever because he was throwing big rocks into the stream. See video below, and listen (if you can over the roaring water) to the sounds of awe.

This was a tree up at the falls. People here get so creative...

The slippery log of death while crossing the stream right under the falls.
And here is all of us after the hike. We asked some people to take a picture of us and they took about twenty thousand. This was before Katelyn started getting upset and David started bring the stick up in front of his face.