Appreciation for a Good Show

So I'm in MCom right now (yes, I am paying attention...I'm a multitasker) and I'd just like to say that I love that my MCom teacher finds any excuse to show us a clip from The Simpsons to show us principles of the English language. Thank you, Simpsons, for your language jokes.


Like a Fat Kid Loves Cake

Mandy's birthday was the 26th, so she decided to throw herself a birthday party on Sunday night (she didn't even give us a chance). It was fun- we haven't had a group of people over for a while. I almost forgot how to party.... what!

Roy Jr. participated in the games.

The ugliest cake I've ever made. Everyone was saying it reminded them of the scene on Hook when everyone is throwing pudding.

The DT girls.

Marisa and Michael stopped by after Stake Conference. Michael will hopefully be living with us next year!

Last Saturday the general manager, Brad, forgot to put me on the board for work. So I went home and actually had a Saturday night!

Yet somehow I still ended up at Brick Oven. I admit, it's because I've been dreaming about eating at the salad bar. It was pretty good. Dang you, discount!

Yeah, I've got connections with the servers.

Mike hasn't shaved much while he's been sick. So why not get the grossest picture ever?

Some cute pictures.

When I uploaded this video to the blog I labeled it "Mike's Retarded." I think you can see why.

Let's try it again...


My Little Emo Boy

For those of you who would like to see my face, I apologize for not putting any pictures of me up lately. And I still don't have any for you. But I do have some other sweet pics...

Mandy and Mike competing at making armpit farting noises. Their faces are amazing.

And then I made a joke about Mike wearing my skinny jeans, and he ran into my room and put them on. Emo boy, anyone? I don't think he enjoyed pants THAT tight (though it does look like he's enjoying them).

He's such a punk rocker with those pants AND the shoes.

Leslie's been sick, so on Sunday I told her home teachers (Lincoln, on the left, is my FHE husband) to have them come entertain her for a little while.

And boy, did they entertain her. Colby has shimmying moves like I've never seen before...

Yeah, he said he wouldn't do more, but he lied.


Cleaning Checks and a Happy Valentine's Day

We went to Smart Cookie the other night after a group date and...the water fountain was too short for Mike so he had to kneel. Sad.

On a better note, look at these sweet roses that were delivered to me the day before Valentine's Day last week. The only problem was that I had to arrange them myself, and I've found that...I don't have flower arranging skills.

Also, we had cleaning checks on Saturday (lame), so here is the one time a month our apartment is this clean:

Except Leslie's half of the room. Cause she was sick. I gave her what I had. HA!


Domo Arigato, Mr. Roboto

I've been pretty bad about taking pictures lately, such as during a double date last Friday or Family Home Evening last night where we made pizza. They were both super fun, but alas, no pictures. So this is all I have for you.

This was a night a few weeks ago when Mike and I went to the movies. I was bored with my hair (and fortunately I was smart enough to bring west our crimpers from the 80's) so I crimped my hair. It was awesome.

While I was waiting for Mike, I turned on Mr. Roboto and started harassing Mandy while she was trying to do homework. She loved it.

Don't you wish you were my roommate?

Mike didn't have to go into work last Friday morning and I didn't have class, so he came over and I tried my hand at German pancakes. I've only seen one after it has sat out on the stove for a few minutes, so at first I thought I had done something horribly wrong when I looked in the oven and it was twice as high as this:

I was told last week after FHE about a little ward gathering that goes on at 9 on Monday nights. What, you may be wondering, could bring so many people to pack into such a little apartment?
AMERICAN GLADIATORS of course. I don't think I watched this show when it was on several years ago, but let me tell you, it's hilarious.

I had to convince Mandy and Leslie to come check it out this week. They didn't regret it.

Everyone picks either the blue or the red team and many people dress up in the color of their team. Like Raymon here.

Except Travis, who decided to remain neutral by wearing a clash of 80's colors.

Colby. Yeah...

I crowded next to Chelsea, my old Visiting Teaching companion and Relief Society President, who normally roots for blue but was too tired to dress up this week.

Colby cracks me up.

Here's a little taste of the excitement going on from 9-10 on Monday nights.