Michelle's Musical Debut

Mike and I went to the Pepperwood Christmas Party last night because they paid Michelle to entertain for half an hour, so we went to support her.

The happy couple.

Just kidding...this is the real couple...

Michelle was awesome. Great job Michelle!

This is the end

of my and Mike's November. First, the pride-destroying BYU-Utah football game. The best part was the fondu and ribs. And finding David on the counter when Nate and Becky were trying to leave. He was just sitting there chillin, eating potato chips. We don't even know how he got up there.

This was a sad crew when the game ended. There was also lots of shouting. Lots and lots of shouting.

Marisa came down the Provo for Thanksgiving, and Marisa, Michael (left) and I had a dance party in my kitchen while making pumpkin cookies. I miss Marisa (she up at Utah state now).

Thanksgiving! I don't have many pictures, but these are the most important ones anyway.




All three of them are walking now. It's pretty exciting.


DJ Mic

One of Mike's good friend's sister got married a few weekends ago, so Mike DJ'd the reception for them.

The family used to live in Pepperwood with Breadys and the Mabey's, so we all went to the reception together.

Jessie and Justin. Actually, it's funny, I found out Justin is from Syracuse Stake. Small world huh?

Mmm, the food was so good. Amy, can we make stuffed mushrooms this Christmas? Yes? Ok, sweet. I'm excited.

Hm, Old Friends

Man, it's been freshman year reunion time lately. First, Mike and I hosted a dessert night and had Hannah and Rob, Rikki and Kevin, Kesley and Nathan, and Michaela and Russ over. It was the first time I've seen Kelsey since she got married this summer, and the first time Kelsey, Rik, and I have been together since Rik's bridal shower last spring.

Then, Leslie came to town to go into the MTC. She's been in Washington working for the mish, and she got called to Bolivia, though unless the political climate changes, she might serve in Peru instead.

This is the best picture Mike took of us at the temple. Thanks Mike.

After the temple we all got together at Brick oven to say goodbye to Les. Hello U-Hall 6th floor girls.


Happy Belated Halloween!

Yeah, ok, I know I'm a month late, but I'm catching up. Whatever!

The boys had a party at their house like last year. This was the best costume I've ever seen in my life.

Ace and Lace= Dwight and Angela. Also amazing.

We were robbers! Awesome, I know.

Oh, and Hitler and Borat showed up too.

Um, Dad?

You didn't warn me about President Sandberg and his love of karaoke.


Party Like It's 1999

because that's how we do it when it comes to the twins. As you can see by their cakes!

The cleanup- not so fun.

but they ARE super cute wrapped up in towels...

and they love their uncle mike. sometimes.



Oh, Didn't You Know...

that I travel back in time to go to church? Well....here's proof.

Notice the stain glass windows? Yeah I know. It's awesome.


The Saddest Cookie Party in the World

Ace thought he lost his Flight of the Conchords dvd, so we had a cookie party for him to mourn his loss.

The crowd.

The Cookies.

Everything was going well until the boys started playing this stupid game where they tried to toss the cap of the milk onto the milk jug. Of course they NEVER got it.

After about half an hour of this game I was getting sick of it. So I grabbed the milk jug, ran out of the apartment and threw it over the ledge. The apartment was on the second floor. It did magically land up though, so the milk wasn't completely wasted.

Asia, Ace's sister, did a dance for us.

Proof of how stupid this game was.