I Like to Eat Scones While I'm Wearing my Boots

When I was 11 we moved from a suburb of Philadelphia in Pennsylvania to a town an hour outside NYC in New York. My new classmates in NY were amused by my accent (mostly the way I said "O's") and used to make me say that sentence - "I like to eat scones while I'm wearing my boots." To laugh at me, basically. Yeah, thanks you guys.

That's just a tidbit I thought I'd share. It doesn't really have anything to do with this post. Except for the scone part.

Speaking of scones, though, they look so unhealthy when you're cooking them.

But they look SO GOOD when they're done.

The other day I made scones, rolls, and a loaf of bread and brought them to the woman I visit teach. She had had a baby the month before, and I figured she could use some homemade bread. Can I just say that I am so glad that Mom is a good cook and has passed those skills to us? I always love making food for other people that I know they'll enjoy. I know eating good food always makes my day a little better, so to be able to do that for other people is just awesome to me. Thanks, Mom!

Mike likes it when I cook, too. Most of the time. Even though he doesn't eat my homemade bread when it's around the house. What's wrong with this boy?


Kathy Clay said...

Hey Miss Cami homemaker! Those scones look so yummmmmmy. I'll have to make some from Grandma and Grandpa since they arrived yesterday and we already made and ate an apple pie! So much for being OFF desserts.
love ya!

Jefe said...

umm, anytime you want to make things for me...rather us, the people in my house, We'll be glad to accept it....

acl said...

your bread looks better than mine. rude.