H A Double L O....

Last Saturday the boys decided to throw a party at their house for Halloween. Please say you know who I'm supposed to be.

Kevin originally had a mustache too, but it kept falling off so he ended up looking up like Abe Lincoln as an Orthodox Jew. Rikki was Lela Lamont from Singing in the Rain (with my jacket as her coat. Thanks grandma.)

Mike....well....Mike was a basketball player from the 70's.

Yes, those are my Kaepa Whoosh volleyball socks.

Before anyone showed up a Postal Service song came on and Rik and I went crazy.

Leslie- probably my favorite costume of the night. Who dresses up as an 80's pregnant workout lady? Everyone kept touching her belly, and some looked disturbed when I would punch it.

Curt, I think Mike could compete with you for sweetest dance moves at the next family party...

Michelle and LJ. They're the reason I'm missing Regina on Friday....I mean honestly, who gets married?

Yeah. Enough said.

Here are all the roommates. Mike Madsen was House, if anyone was wondering. Michelle is included because she's pretty much the mom of the house.

Yessssssss for Halloween.


Lazy Sunday

Um, yeah. It snowed on Saturday. I'm not ready for this.

On Sunday Rikki made this amazing pasta dish she invented and we invited Mike, Eric, Jeff, Kevin and Jordan over. After dinner we played boggle and cards. It was soooo good. Felt like home.

Here's a picture of Mandy and Mike imitating me playing egyptian war. They're just jealous of my sweet moves.

No, there will never be a normal picture of us.


Kevin did the dishes. Probably the best part about the whole night.

Dad's Last Words

c isfor cornmeal (12:05:01 PM): you still alive without mom around?
SMClayJr (12:08:04 PM): barely
SMClayJr (12:08:14 PM): losing weight fast
SMClayJr (12:09:02 PM): emotionally dysfunctional
SMClayJr (12:10:12 PM): lot of depression. I nearly jumped off the sailboat into the middle of the lake yesterday and then david showed up on the waverunner with m&ms and Junior mints. chocolate saved me.
SMClayJr (12:11:17 PM): haven't worn clean clothes in 4 days.
SMClayJr (12:11:30 PM): don't shave or brush my teeth much.
SMClayJr (12:11:59 PM): Other than that I'm ok.
SMClayJr (12:12:10 PM): How about you?

Amy, look what you're doing to Dad.


RIkki's Dirty Laundry

Ok, so Rikki is a laundry freak and does it at least one a week, sometimes more. The other day she had so much that I had to help her carry it to the laundry room in her blanket.

"No," we replied to the neighbors' questioning looks, "this isn't a dead body. Just Rikki's laundry."


Dating Rules

So this is a video of Dad in the airport before my freshman year at BYU.


The Most Awkward Night of Rikki's Life

Last Monday Rikki threw a small birthday party at our apartment for one of her friends from home. Since i'm the only one who bothers to take pictures....this is what happens.

When I went to go to the bathroom at one point, I went to jump over Jordan but he stuck his leg up and I went down. Hard. So this is me torturing him.

Me at my best.

The reason for Rikki's awkwardness is explained fully in this picture. All three boys who like her in same room, surrounding her all night. Of course...that just made it awkward for her and hilarious for the rest of us.

Random: Mandy's hands after she made us carrot soup for dinner group one night.


Together We'll Break These Chains of Love

So...my life has become complete recently with the acquisition of several Erasure albums on my computer. Here is my source:

Why did we take jumping pictures? I don't know. Maybe it can be explained by this video:


Mmm Crepes

Last Friday night Mike and I went to the Rugby game (i wish i had pictures of it), and then the apartment went and had crepes at our friend Andrew's house, who lives in our ward. SOO GOOD!

Probably the only normal picture you'll see of Mike. EVER.

Andrew and Kevin



Wednesday was Elder Barron's birthday, so i called up his companion last Sunday and scheduled a birthday surprise for him. Elder Barron is a friend from our ward in New York who happens to be serving on the BYU campus right now.

Here he is with his companion.

I kept getting in trouble because I kept calling accidentally calling him David instead of Elder Barron. Old habits die hard, ok!?

More people from our ward were there, but left before we took this picture.

Mmmmm, cream puffs! I made these for him instead of a traditional cake or cupcakes. I made a double batch (about 55 cream puffs), one with vanilla pudding and one with banana cream. They were a big hit.

Chris helping clean up a pudding spill in the baking process. Thanks for the help, Chris!

We pretty much made it into a cream puff party, so people stopped in at random times to grab some. Even Mike and Jeff came over for the first time to get some. Mike discovered the Martin and doesn't put it down when he comes now.