500 Days of Summer

Ok, so I didn't work for 500 days this past summer, but I do really want to see that movie. I hear it's good. Anyone seen it?

What I DID do was work as an intern at Terry Deru's investment management firm in Salt Lake called Belsen Getty. I did pretty much...whatever they needed me to. And learned about market research on morningstar, how to choose mutual funds...cool stuff like that!

Thanks Terry. Seriously.

Speaking of Terry...It was almost like working with my Dad every day. Dad and Terry are best friends and pretty much have the exact same sense of humor which includes always having a joke about EVERYTHING. Oh you two. I couldn't walk down the hall without being harrassed by Terry (when he wasn't on the phone...which wasn't often.) But if harrassing Terry back is something a good intern wouldn't have done....I was a horrible intern.

My desk space (including Tavin's old hoard of Vault Zero behind the trash).

Jackie and Joni. We all had a new craft to show each other every week.

Jordan. I don't think I've heard so many "dudes" and "right ons" come from one person's mouth in a single eight-hour period. But I give Jordan props for putting up with me for two months.
Jordan was really proud of his ability to make labels with the "wood" background. So I labeled most everything on his desk with it for him one day. In case he forgot that those things were his.

Janson is Damon's wife's brother and also works for Terry.

I became pretty fond of harrassing Brandon by the end of the summer. I think he enjoyed it.

Mike, another advisor. Tom was gone when I took pictures, but he's the fourth advisor at BG.
And I even got to see Shunae and her little girl! Cute.


Chelsea said...

Saw the movie and loved it. Then went back and made Chris see it, too. If you're into off-beat, indie humor, then it's a must-see.