Michelle's Musical Debut

Mike and I went to the Pepperwood Christmas Party last night because they paid Michelle to entertain for half an hour, so we went to support her.

The happy couple.

Just kidding...this is the real couple...

Michelle was awesome. Great job Michelle!

This is the end

of my and Mike's November. First, the pride-destroying BYU-Utah football game. The best part was the fondu and ribs. And finding David on the counter when Nate and Becky were trying to leave. He was just sitting there chillin, eating potato chips. We don't even know how he got up there.

This was a sad crew when the game ended. There was also lots of shouting. Lots and lots of shouting.

Marisa came down the Provo for Thanksgiving, and Marisa, Michael (left) and I had a dance party in my kitchen while making pumpkin cookies. I miss Marisa (she up at Utah state now).

Thanksgiving! I don't have many pictures, but these are the most important ones anyway.




All three of them are walking now. It's pretty exciting.