Toilet Time!

So we woke up this morning with our hall looking like this:

Everyone had a strip of toilet paper hanging down from their doors that said things like "Spicey" and "Hot". Meagan's door (our new RA) was especially decorated and said "Fiesty".

The best part about it, though, was that everyone's doors had compliments and for some reason the paper on Rikki and Kelsey's door just said "Toilet". It was the funniest thing I've ever seen, mostly because I think Rikki was a little upset about it....hahaha
Here's Sabrina helping clean up the paper off the floor. For some reason, the foreign cleaning lady in charge of the whole building accused the girl who cleans our floor (who doesn't even live in DT) of doing it. She's crazy.

I suggested we take off all the compliments and put them all on the wall by the elevator. It's pretty sweet. I made sure "Toilet" was right in the center, and "Marry Me" is somewhere close by....
Here is all the toilet paper we cleaned up off the floor.
And here is the creepy message written on all the mirrors on the floor. Of course, it's referring to the end of finals (i hope), but is still really creepy.


Salt Lake Lights

Last Saturday our bishopric brought the ward on a trip to Salt Lake City to see the church movies The Testaments and The Joseph Smith Movie and to see the lights at Temples Square. When we first got there, we ate bag lunches that the Morris Center cafeteria made us. Mandy really enjoyed her sandwich.

The Salt Lake Temple was beautiful as always.

Here's the temple in the reflecting pool that is right in front of it.

Rikki and I in our new sunglasses.

This tree was inside the Joseph Smith Building, where we saw the Jospeh Smith Movie. You can't see them very well, but behind the tree on the balcony was a beautiful choir singing Christmas songs.

Here is the statue of Christ inside the Visitor's Center. I love the painting of the sky on the ceiling and walls.

After the movies, Rikki and I met Kyle at the Gateway Mall. We shopped some and then went back to Temple Square to see the lights before driving home.


So for FHE last week we decided to make a snowman. The type of snow was good, but unfortunately....there wasn't that much of it, so our snowman ended up looking a little hairy.

We were kind of lacking in face supplies so we used our Milano cookies and some carrots from my fridge.

Boris (the FHE Dad) only found one stick for the arms. Fortunately, we have capable children who can actually find arms and eyes and mouth pieces. Boris is from Ecuador and barely did anything to help because he was too cold and refused to function.