Take Two

Haha....Mom's gonna be mad at me for stealing all her good pictures. Here you go, Ash!


Thanksgiving with Ian: Take One

Some of my favorite pictures of Ian from today:

Eating his first sour skittle:

Ian's favorite toy: the swiffer.

See how much he picks up?

A skilled, behind the back changeup.

His other weapon of choice: Amy's big plastic cooking spoon.

Sorry, this isn't Ian but it's just plain funny.

Ready for Take Two?


Happy Birthday Rikki!

So last night Rikki, Kyle, and Adam threw a birthday party for....each other. It was hilarious. Check it out!


Variety Show

So last night was really fun. First, Rikki and i performed a song she wrote in our ward variety show. Everyone liked it a lot, in the video you can hear kids yelling "encore." After the variety show our friend Kyle picked us up and brought us to his friend's apartment where they had a private acoustic show going on, with a keyboard. So Rikki and i played three of the songs she's written and also our version of Death Cab's "I'll Follow You Into the Dark." Everyone there like it a lot, one guy told us it made his night. It was just a fun thing where anyone who could play was welcome to go up, so Rikki and I played later individually. So fun! We loved it.

Yeah. We're cool.

Our friend Robbie playing some songs he wrote before his mission.

Rikki and I looked super cute for the variety show!