Goodbye and Good Luck

Goodbye Hank. We will miss you while you're gone. Be safe!


If ever you think about asking us to babysit your children

you might want to reconsider.


Home Sweet Home

I don't think I've ever put photos of our apartment on here, for those of you who haven't been here. I'm hoping to add a little color to it still, but here it is so far....

The kitchen

We bought this table off of Craig's List and Mike sanded it, stained it and put a finish on it over the summer. It looks awesome.

The living room

We love all the dark-stained built in shelves.

Our bedroom...

My closet with a storage space above it

Mike's closet and the storage space above.

Our tiny and disgusting bathroom

This is one of my favorite parts of the apartment. The french doors separating our bedroom from the living room

So...that's it. Our home. For now.


So we've been hanging out with Kev and Rik since we've been back. Last weekend we went to Red Robin and then came back to our apartment and had hot chocolate.

And I showed off our super nintendo that Dave brought us. And no, I don't normally sit that close to the t.v.

Last night we we to see Eagle Eye in the dollar theater and then went back to their apartment. Rik and I looked at her new sewing book and played connect four while the boys watched the Lakers vs. Orlando basketball game.

Their apartment is cute.

I love this picture from their wedding that they have on their bedroom wall

A cute magnet board Rik made. I need more cute stuff like this in my apartment.


Mike and I got to meet Kristine last week while David was in Utah visiting her family. We went out to Gloria's Little Italy and then came back to our apartment and played scrabble, which I had never played before. Thanks Aunt Janette for those games you gave us for Christmas!

The cute couple


What I've Got

I just don't have enough pictures. This is just sad. These are all the pictures that were on my camera.

The Christmas dinner we had at work. It was delicious!

Katie is the student who does my job in the afternoon.

Our ride home from the airport our first day in New York. Ian was good entertainment on the ride home.

Drew and Corissa's wedding. They're cute.