Last Days of BYU

Alright. I know it's been a while, so this isn't going to be pretty, but here you go. Here are the pictures from my last three weeks at BYU. I took about 600 pictures in those three weeks, so sorry that there are so many but it was hard to choose some and leave others.

Let's see...Denny's a 2 in the morning. Commando on campus at midnight. Last Ward Prayer. Picnic in the Walmart parking lot. The Bates brothers last night in town. Legends. Hiking the Y. Late night fries and milkshakes in the hospital cafe. Spring Block Party. Midnight at the duck pond. It's all here.

Stacey decided that the pita bread was shaped like a yamakah.

When Mandy was the only one not on her cell phone.

The cookie we made for the Bates brothers.

Yeah, I think i can make it as an artist.

The view from the Y.

The hospital's shakes are good, ok!?

Spring Block Party.