The Best Parts of Summer

Ok, your pleadings have finally worked. Here are my favorite parts of being home this summer.

Berry picking

Little boys and little girls.


The lake.


Old friends.

A good game of balls.

Hanging out with Meg. And making silly sentences on the booth wall of Pastabilities.


Hot dog eating contests

With even Julia, the vegetarian, competing.

Am I missing anything?


Ashley said...

Your Wedding? Not a favorite part of your summer?

Kathy Clay said...

I think you put up lots of fun pics from this summer! We did have a great time!
Thanks! Now...how about the wedding and honeymoon. Especially the honeymoon!!!!!

Jefe said...

maybe getting married? hmmm...Poor Mike.

Meg said...

I miss youu lou! I even miss you making fun of me! haha

acl said...

yeah wedding lou - duh. and how about honeymoon, married life, etc. and the faster the better.